Collaborative studio based in
Vancouver, BC.

selected projects:

Calendar Project

Flower curtain
Look space


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Calendar Project

The idea originated from the need to have a calendar that you can actually write on.

Over the years it’s transformed into something that has connected us to our community and made us many new friends. It’s been an invaluable avenue for us both to explore our surroundings; newly found materials and new ideas sprouting in our minds.

We challenge ourselves each year to find a new way of doing it, a new way of seeing it, and a new look for every year.

Past editions have included moon phases and word art such as fun facts, original and adapted writings, divination, and poetry.

Large-format posters, surprise mini-posters, and envelopes to house your yearly intentions are just a few of the calendar bonuses we have included over the years.

Our calendar in people's spaces

We begin the project by producing a series of works guided by new themes and questions. Using recycled and natural materials we make collages, paintings, scans and photographs which we put through many layers of tactile and digital transformation. Each month has a unique design paired with a minimal typography that changes every year.