Collaborative studio based in
Vancouver, BC.

selected projects:

Calendar Project

Flower curtain
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NEW LOOK is a collaborative studio based in Vancouver, Canada obsessed with paper, garbage and Gaia. We work in collage, painting, writing, graphic design and sculpture with a practice rooted in print, paper and nature.

Our annual art project is the production of a large format calendar which contains a unique, poster-sized design for each month.

Calendar Project

The idea originated from the need to have a calendar that you can actually write on.

Over the years it’s transformed into something that has connected us to our community and made us many new friends. It’s been an invaluable avenue for us both to explore our surroundings; newly found materials and new ideas sprouting in our minds.

We challenge ourselves each year to find a new way of doing it, a new way of seeing it, and a new look for every year.

Past editions have included moon phases and word art such as fun facts, original and adapted writings, divination, and poetry.

Large-format posters, surprise mini-posters, and envelopes to house your yearly intentions are just a few of the calendar bonuses we have included over the years.

Our calendar in people's spaces

We begin the project by producing a series of works guided by new themes and questions. Using recycled and natural materials we make collages, paintings, scans and photographs which we put through many layers of tactile and digital transformation. Each month has a unique design paired with a minimal typography that changes every year.

The 2022 NEW LOoK Calendar is here!

Hello from 2022—we have gone through the final portal. Welcome to the other side: a world that can be found when you take a close look. Past the gates of the cell and into the micro cosmos, we feel the rewards of looking deeper into the natural world.

Looking for the big in the small and the small in the big; life in the living library is sublime.



We are now taking pre-orders for this year.
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The calendar is also available at these selected stockists:

One of a Few
Studio A-OK
51 Powell by Neighbour
Giftstop at Polygon Gallery
Collage Collage
Belle General


large format size



recycled &
convenient packaging !

holes for Hanging

designed and
printed locally

2021 Calendar Project

2021 takes you on a journey
from the outside to the inside
(remember plastic is in you and outside of you)

The way to the opening is marked
The post-cellular portal is ready for you!

It remains our wish:
Peace and love on Gaia

2020 Calendar Project

The themes explored for the 2020 edition of the new look calendar project include disaster and growth in the natural world; the memory and mismemory of places; and the many layers of reality.

To commemorate the new decade,

we turned to the I Ching: The Book of Changes

with its collection of linear symbols
it reminds us that all is in transition.

all is change.

We asked the I Ching, how do we grow in 2020?

Each page of the
2020 new look calendar
holds a piece
of the I Ching’s message.